The Process of Optimization

June 25, 2013

in Manage Risk

Optimization is the process of making the most of a situation, making something as effective as possible, or maximizing the right things and minimizing the wrong things.

Risk management is the process of identifying the things you can control and the things you can’t control and maximizing your interaction with the things you can control and minimizing your interaction with the things you can’t control. It is a form of optimization.

Ethics is the analysis of what is the best action to take. Using some definition of what is good and what is bad, ethics applies those definitions to scenarios, extrapolates possible outcomes and attempts to optimize the outcome and determine the best course of action.

Science is the process of studying interactions and offering predictions of outcomes that depend on varying the inputs to the interactions. The usual purpose of this is to reach a point where optimization can be predicted and then applied.

All of these are different forms of the same thing. Optimizing our survival is the process of figuring out what is the best way to live, how to do that and then doing it. If the scenario inputs are negative events, then the survival plan must be designed to overcome the obstacles. If the scenario inputs are positive, the survival plan involves attempting to maximize the gains that can be realized.

Optimum Survival Plan
Optimum Survival Controls
Negative Events versus Positive Events

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