January 14, 2015

in Positive Events

At some point, retiring becomes not only possible but desirable. While this is likely to be driven primarily by financial considerations, it can also involve factors like quality of life, sense of mission and purpose, and others.

Examine some of the VARIATIONS:

  • Reaching normal retirement age
  • A FINANCIAL WINDFALL enables early retirement
  • Forced into early retirement by changes
  • Late retirement and extended workspan

Analyze possible IMPACTS:

  • Budget transformation – less income likely, but also more stable expenses likely
  • Tax consequences
  • Changes in daily schedule
  • Changes in sense of purpose

Select applicable CONTINGENCY PLANS:

  • Budget Transformation Plan
  • Tax Liability Plan
  • Self Improvement Plan
  • Expansion Plan
  • Continuity of Growth Plan
  • Seeking Serendipity

Begin assembling a contingency plan for the RETIREMENT scenario.

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