June 16, 2012

in Positive Events

An unexpected financial resource materializes and becomes available for your use. In many cases like this, we have some idea that something good may happen, but may not have any concrete idea of when it will happen or even what the probability is that it will happen. Understanding the time frame involved is important. (how much notice do you have, when will the money arrive, how long will the money keep coming…)

Examine some of the known VARIATIONS:

  • Winning the lottery
  • An inheritance
  • An investment pays off
  • A legal settlement

Analyze possible IMPACTS:

  • Budget transformation (ability to pay off debts)
  • Tax consequences
  • Career and retirement changes

Select applicable CONTINGENCY PLANS:

  • Budget Transformation Plan
  • Tax Liability Plan
  • Surplus Management Plan
  • Expansion Plan
  • Continuity of Growth Plan
  • OPSEC (Operational Security)

Begin assembling a contingency plan for the FINANCIAL WINDFALL scenario.

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