Preparing for the Singularity

November 25, 2013

in Positive Events

The singularity is an explosion of intelligence and knowledge that can be triggered by a combination of artificial intelligence software, computing power and science and technology that feed back into each other to compound gains.

In preparing for negative scenarios, we typically worry about water , food, energy and medical services becoming very expensive or not available at all and how to compensate for those events. In preparing for the singularity, which is primarily a positive event, we have to examine the possibility that water, food, energy and medical services will become cheaper, more available and more effective.

When we deal with positive events, we are not concerned with doing without a resource, but how to maximize our benefit from a new abundance of resources.

Here is a list of things that might be changed by an intelligence singularity:

  • Financial – rapid gains in our ability to become financially independent based on reduced cost of living, increased self sufficiency, and investments in rapidly growing businesses can all combine to create new found wealth.
  • Health – advances in medical science that reduce or eliminate disease and increase our ability to treat problems (including aging) can produce a trend where we are getting healthier as time goes by instead of the commonly accepted decline in health associated with aging.
  • Self sufficient – rapidly dropping energy costs, the ability to collect and use energy at home, the ability to collect and recycle water at home, the ability to grow food at home, the ability to manufacture needed goods at home. These things can change our life style and open up new choices about how we spend our time and other resources.
  • More knowledge and intelligence – more and more knowledge is available to us every day, intelligent tools and software advisors that help us maximize our ability to use that knowledge wisely are coming. More people will make better choices and maximize the gains found in all the other areas, creating more compound growth.
  • Computing power – cheaper, more powerful computational ability magnifies and compounds everything else.
  • Robotics – cheaper, more capable robotic tools increase self sufficiency and improve our standard of living and offer more life style choices.

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