Knowledge Management (KM) is a Tool

April 15, 2015

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For survival, we need supplies of food and water and the means to replenish the supplies. We need tools to accomplish that. And, most important, we need knowledge. We need knowledge about what to store, how to store it, how to get more, what tools we need, how to make the tools we don’t have. We need knowledge about how to defend what we have, how to communicate with others, how to apply medicine, and more.

Knowledge Management (KM) is about how to identify key knowledge, how to locate it, how to store it and how to distribute both the knowledge and the techniques involved with it. Whether we’re finding our key knowledge points in books or web pages or some other source, we need to be able to identify which sources are more important than others and use some means of being able to locate it again later. This can be bookmarks in books, lists of books, references to locations in books, bookmarks for web pages, saved web pages, lists of knowledge references of all types and all kinds of lists, spreadsheets, and databases of all kinds.

In a group environment, KM often starts with noticing key knowledge performers and studying how they excel at finding and maintaining knowledge and then distributing the techniques across the group. A virtuoso with a specialized skill is a marvelous thing, but good KM practices can raise the skill levels of the entire group around a virtuoso. Better skills mean better survival.

Knowledge Management is our most important tool.

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