JUMPSTART: Water4 – Instructions and Knowledge Management

July 3, 2013

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JUMPSTART is a survival methodology that includes consideration of others around us who are either not aware of the need to prepare for emergencies or have made a decision to lower the priority of that need.
For an introduction see: JUMPSTART: Overview

This is the fourth part of a series of five articles on Water.

Instructions and Knowledge Management
Knowledge and instructions are often the greatest need in survival situations.

  • Instructions – checklist

  • Instructions and Knowledge management
    • Collect process information
    • Document sources and authorities
    • Categorize information and sources
    • Print INSTRUCTION document with summary and checklist on top (hardcopy)
    • Distribute information

    Water Basics
    Basic Water Calculator
    Rain Collection
    SODIS = Solar Water Disinfection
    Using Chlorine Pool Shock to Disinfect Water
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