JUMPSTART: Energy3 – Production

April 28, 2016

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JUMPSTART is a survival methodology that includes consideration of others around us who are either not aware of the need to prepare for emergencies or have made a decision to lower the priority of that need.
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This is the third part of a series of five articles on Energy.

For energy, there is a need for awareness and specific knowledge of electricity and how to generate it and store and distribute it.

Key resources include: batteries, chargers, cords/cables, meters/regulators, burners, lenses, raw materials to build solar ovens and evaporators.


Solar (thermal)

  • Solar oven for cooking
  • Solar still for water purification
  • Heating water in pipes
  • Concentrated heat from fresnel lens
  • Screen panel passive heater for home


  • Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) – solar PV panels, charge controller, cables, monitors
  • Generators, fuel, cables/cords
  • Batteries, inverter, cables/cords, monitor


  • Ballast tank (water, concrete)
  • Circulation pump, electricity
  • Pipes, radiator, fan, electricity
  • Swamp chiller, water, pads

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