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JUMPSTART: Energy1 – Overview

JUMPSTART: Energy1 – Overview

February 9, 2016

in Energy, Jumpstart

JUMPSTART is a survival methodology that includes consideration of others around us who are either not aware of the need to prepare for emergencies or have made a decision to lower the priority of that need.
For an introduction see: JUMPSTART: Overview

This is the first part of a series of five articles on Energy.

The rule of threes says that we can generally go for about 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter (highly variable), 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. We usually take air for granted until it gets precious. Shelter may or may not be a big factor depending on our environment.

Energy can be critical for shelter (heating and cooling), water (purification) and food (cooking).

  • Needs over time [JUMPSTART: Energy2]
    Needs: cooking, lighting, shelter heating, tools
    Types: fire, solar, electric, geo-thermal
    Fuels: gases, solids, liquids, sunlight
  • Inventory and Production [JUMPSTART: Energy3]
    Devices: burners, lights, batteries, solar equipment, pipes
    Fuels: propane, wood, sunlight, petroleum products
    Production: solar, electric, geo-thermal
  • Instructions and Knowledge management [JUMPSTART: Energy4]
    • Collect process information
    • Document sources
    • Categorize information and sources
    • Print INSTRUCTIONs (hardcopy)
    • Distribute information

  • Analysis [JUMPSTART: Energy5]
    Devices can be expensive but also can be shared
    Knowledge and instructions are critical
    Critical resource list

[continue to JUMPSTART: Energy2 – Needs and Means]

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