BOOK: Hawke’s Special Forces Survival Handbook

January 4, 2013

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Hawke’s Special Forces Survival Handbook: The Portable Guide to Getting Out Alive – []
by Mykel Hawke

Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual – []
by Mykel Hawke

This is an excellent survival guide book (note there is a difference between emergency preparation and survival). Mykel Hawke has a background with the US Army Green Berets and has recently been seen on television in “Man, Woman, Wild” with his wife, Ruth.


  1. The Psychology of Survival
  2. Shelter
  3. Water
  4. Fire
  5. Food
  6. Tools
  7. Navigation
  8. Signals
  9. First Aid
  10. Nature

Hawke has a bare-bones attitude about surviving and expresses it well in an easy to read conversational style. He often explains why he does things in a particular way and offers alternatives that also make sense. He is trying to point out that you must think for yourself in order to survive and offers his unique perspective on how to do it. Hawke stresses repeatedly that mental attitude is one of the most important survival factors and shares his insights. It quickly becomes clear that he has a vast amount of experience. Diagrams and illustrations help where they are needed. This is one of the top survival books and should be included in any survival library.

NOTE – the pictures (and links) above represent two different editions of the same book. The version with the dark green cover is the original and is a thick and heavy volume suitable for library or home reading. The “portable” version is smaller, less than half the thickness, much lighter and designed to be used in the field. The portable version has a lot of content removed in order to reach that goal, but in comparing the same passages in both volumes, the editing tried to remove passages that were not essential and kept everything really important to know when you need to know it. The extra material in the heavy, home version is worth reading – consider buying both copies, one for extended study and one for field use.

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