Extreme Water Conservation

April 9, 2014

in Water

During times of emergency, water is likely to be one of our most precious and most important resources. Many portrayals of survival scenarios in movies, on television and in novels, under emphasize the importance of water.

Under EXTREME water shortage conditions, here are some actions to consider:

  • RATION all drinking water down to less than one gallon per person per day or even 1/2 gallon if possible.
  • CONSERVE body fluids by staying out of the midday sun and avoiding exertion whenever possible.
  • NO flushing toilets – this means either using saved up urine to flush a toilet or using an outside latrine
  • NO general washing or cleaning except for medical emergencies – very bad hygiene can cause medical emergencies, so think about finding ways to take care of essential cleaning tasks without using water – sand is good for scrubbing pots clean, dirty clothes can be “washed” by exposure to sun and fresh air, a “bath” can be taken with a damp cloth.
  • NO cooking with water that uses heat – too much water is lost through evaporation – if you can need to prepare food using cold water, consider that water to be part of your daily drinking ration
  • NO watering gardens or crops or even drinking water for livestock – food is no good if you’re extremely dehydrated.

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