BOOK REVIEW: Vegetable Gardening in the Southwest

June 9, 2015

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Vegetable Gardening in the Southwest

Vegetable Gardening in the SW

Vegetable Gardening in the SW

Useful and practical – about the SW region

This review is about the book, “Vegetable Gardening in the Southwest” Paperback – January 7, 2015 by Trisha Shirey

The single thing that stands out most about this book is that it is easy to use. It has many descriptions, diagrams, and charts that are all arranged for easy access. It is easy to read and offers many good tips on gardening techniques. There are many other books that offer more material on specific topics like composting or raised bed, but this book is intended to be an “all-in-one” guide to making your garden work. It is also focused specifically on the SouthWest geographic region of the US.

PART 1 – GETTING STARTED includes a chart of frost dates, discussions on soil types, composting and raised bed gardening.

PART 2 – GET PLANTING is found in the middle, is the largest section of the book, and is arranged in month by month order, to make an excellent guide for activities. January begins with planning and November wraps up most harvesting. Each month incudes a primary task list and follows up with related topics. Each page is labeled with the month on the top corner making it easy to navigate to the correct month.

PART 3 – EDIBLES A TO Z starts with a master planting and harvesting chart, arranged zone by zone and then continues with a dictionary/encyclopedia like section on individual vegetable plants. This section wraps up with resources, a further reading list and an index.

The best short summary of this book is that it is very useful and practical.

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