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April 8, 2015

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Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival – []
by Jack Spigarelli

This book is a superb outline of the issues we need to concern ourselves with for emergency and crisis preparedness, but it’s important to understand that it is not a complete “HOW-TO” manual. The intention of the book is to provide a comprehensive guide that ensures good coverage of all the important planning points. Within the limitations of that framework, it is an excellent work and should be included in most good survival reference collections.

Here are the section titles:
130 pages, mostly on food storage; what foods to store, where to store them, how to store them, how to plan for food storage, and more. This includes basic nutrition and an excellent table that breaks down many food types with calories by weight and protein/fat/carbs content. It covers food preparation equipment and supplies briefly. There is a chapter at the end of this section on Emergency Water Supply that is a good starting point but needs individual tailoring by the reader before being ready to implement.

27 pages on sprouting, growing, raising (livestock), and finding (foraging). These are all brief and only serve as a planning guide and will need more details to implement.

28 pages on cold storage, canning, dehyrating, and other methods. As mentioned before, these sections are brief and not comprehensive in HOW-TO instructions. The dehyrating section is not enough to make us masters of dehyrating, but it contains valuable tables on dehydrating and good references to other sources.

15 pages on evacuation and survival tools. The tools chapter is 4 pages on firearms and little else, although other tools are mentioned in other sections of the book. A comprehensive table of all tools together in one place would be a welcome addition.

70 pages that cover clothing, cooking, medical, sanitation, types of warfare, transportation, communications, and home preparation (including a great list of tools and supplies).

8 pages of book references and 10 pages of sources for both tools and supplies and information. These lists alone are worth the price of the book.

Summary – this is NOT a book on wilderness survival, or survival gardening, or strategic defenses. It IS a book that contains an outline of knowledge areas we must be aware of and it has some key information and good listings of other sources and resources. The book is indexed.

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