Americans Networking To Survive (ANTS)

April 25, 2015

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ANTS is a volunteer network of people who have the ability to help others by relaying and delivering 5 gallon buckets of supplies to others who have an emergency need. When there is no emergency, ANTS is just a passive list of folks willing to help. When emergency relief supplies are needed, the network is activated and people next to the area that needs help are notified.

A N T S Let’s Help

Americans Networking To Survive

A.N.T.S is a survival network of individual preppers called (ants) working together to provide other members basic supplies during disasters. This is done by relaying supply pods to any member that needs them.

When disaster strikes, wouldn’t it be nice to know neighbors were coming to your street with supplies for you and your family. A.N.T.S should be another piece of your preparation plan.

Six reasons to join A.N.T.S

1- It cost nothing and you do not have to disclose your location.

2 – Having one member in every city and town, will allow us to transport supplies without traveling far from home.

3 – When disaster strikes, relief agencies will bring supplies, but they will be supplying everyone. A.N.T.S will be looking for you.

4 – If you are traveling away from home when a disaster strikes, you will have a member close by to bring supplies to your family.

5 – Supplies are not wasted and will only go to members if requested.

6 – In an interview with Amanda Ripley, the author of The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes—and Why, Craig Fugate, the head of the Federal Emergency Management stated:

“To avoid “system collapse,” the government must draft the public. “We tend to look at the public as a liability. [But] who is going to be the fastest responder when your house falls on your head? Your neighbor.”

To provide members with basic supplies during a disaster.

To have at least one member in every city and town, so that we can relay disaster supplies to members without traveling far from home.

A.N.T.S will never ask for money! All supplies must be provided by A.N.T.S members. The best way to assure a stable supply line is by recruiting more ants.

A.N.T.S is a volunteer network, you are not required to act, but in the event that you do, you do so at your on risk and are responsible for your on safety and actions during an incident. All ants should be prepared to take care of themselves and work in teams if they feel unsafe.

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