A Real Bug-Out Story

December 31, 2012

in Survival

This is a real and well written account of a bug-out operation and how it went.

Attempting to Implement a Real Bug Out Scenario


This is story of an experienced prepping family told to ready themselves for a possible five-minute evacuation during a forest fire in the summer of 2012. I type the word “experienced” with some humility and I am humbled by our mistakes. We flunked.
Having lived in a mountain state for most of my married adult life we have been prepping for any number of survival scenarios including the obvious blizzards, drought, pandemic flu, plague, EMP, war, and of course, attacks from Mutant Zombie Bikers (MZB‘s).

Of course we have fires and plenty of them. We live at the base of some of the tallest peaks in the country surrounded by farmland.
Big fire before now was always “under control” or some percent contained. Now, add super dry conditions, stupid humans, dry lightning storms and lots of wind. I have read horrifying stories about big fire but you never really appreciate the speed and flash devastation until you see it.

Follow the link above to read the entire story, posted on TheSurvivalistBlog.net.

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